My eyes locked up on the horizon;

My heart crying for thy world seeing pain,

They believe you reside here ,somewhere here.

Carved on stone, adorned with sculpture,

Dragged from their hearts,

To dwell in dark ugly haunt.


Their hands stained red,

They walk to your shrine, to clean the sins,

They negotiate with your  idol,

To wash off the redness,

They bow before you,

To stave off the danger.


O heavenly King!

Refrain them from turning,

Your beautiful world into worthlessness.

Prevent them from butchering,

Your awe-inspiring creations into a naught.

Pay heed to their cries,

For the life of their kin in helplessness.

Comfort them in grave situations,

When engulfing emptiness shatters them.

Bless them with your warmth,

That protects against the cold cruelty.


O Almighty!

Your world request you,

Bestow upon them your enlightening rays,

Show us the dawn bringing a realm of hope,

The sky free from black of fire from beneath,

Painted with colors of joy.

An earth devoid of echoes of cries of helpless,

Adorned with enchantments of delight.


People around grow and develop,

Without lurking venegeance.

Each drop of water so pure,

To heal all prevailing enmity.

The breath of air lacking chokes of evil,

Spreading the fragnance of incense sticks.

Each word speaks not of curse,

But of blissful blessings.

                                      -by Prena kumari



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