You are physically not present with me

But still you are always there with me

I know that you are not there anymore with me

Still i feel you looking at me

Whenever I speak to the silence in the darkness

I hear you talking with me

Whenever I go out walking alone on that path

I feel you walking along with me

Whenever I talk about you

I feel you listening to me.

Whenever I think of you in my dreams

I feel you always smiling at me.

Whenever I overcome this loneliness

Which you gifted leaving me helpless.

When will I join you?

When will I talk to you?

When will I smile with you?

When will I live with you?

It’s very bad dear

To stop these tears

Because I have promised you.

When will you come and take me away?

Before it’s too late; dear; make haste.

My hopes are sinking,your dreams are breaking

Before I fail take me away with you

So that the next morning,

We together would shine like a dew

So that we would line in the sky

And shine like a star at least for a while

So that people would look and point above

And proudly say the History of us.


13 thoughts on “…..WAITING FOR YOU….

  1. This is very beautiful. I feel it.

    Thank you for following my blog. You hit me on a poem day, but I’m more of a prose person. I hope you enjoy.

    Night Owl

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