One day while passing through bus stand,

Going to the class with books in hand,

I saw a girl standing nearby,

When I went near her, I felt very shy.

Her beautiful face amazed me a lot,

Then I realized the meaning of girl to be hot.

With little courage I asked her name,

Unfortunately by the time the bus came,

when she looked at me I felt shame.

She then went on the bus and I became sad,

Her thought then started making me mad.

Her face was beautiful like moon,

which the god has given her as boon,

Her blue eyes and milky white cheek,

Made my strong heart very weak.

Her pink lips and long waving hairs,

Brought in my eyes happiness tears.

Her thought kept roaming in my mind,

Where that girl could I find?

Next day I again went to the bus stand,

Waiting for the girl to come,

But after sometime my heart became numb.

Hours passed away but she didn’t came,

God has played with me funny game.

Suddenly I got kick and started to scream,

“Hey lazy boy wake up” called my mother,

Thank god that was only a dream.



11 thoughts on “MY DREAM GIRL

  1. I always think the best poems aren’t merely a description, but tell a story, as you do here.
    I like the simplicity of your poetry, with more work I feel you’ll hone your style
    and develop your own distinct voice.

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