Mother and Child

Mother and Child

The most amazing lady of this world,

Whom I treat as my god,

For whom I always care and bother,

is my beautiful and loving MOTHER.

You always protected me from the things,

That influenced me to the wrong way,

You always showed in the right way,

To the path of happiness and success as you say.

Whenever I was in trouble or grief,

You were always present with me,

And I used to feel great relief.

Though I live from you miles apart,

But you will always remain in my heart.

You have faced many troubles and pain,

For making me a man of your dream,

I promise you my dear mother,

I will never allow your dreams and expectations,

To go simply in vain.

 If I have ever hurt you in my life,

Which have made you sad or cry,

Oh mom! that can only happen with mistake,

For that don’t ever say good bye.

I always keep my emotions,

Hidden within myself for you.

You are the world to me,

I will always owe my life before you.

I will always love you till I die,

Still expressing my emotions to you,

I feel very shy


                           -by KAMLESH ORAON


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