Morning Fog

After a long time, I remember

I woke up early than rising sun,

What a soothing feeling in my soul,

And feeling in heart for making some fun.

Went outside in the calm environment,

Got pleased by the beautiful nature’s scent.

Chirping of birds all around,

Filling the nature with the lively music,

And creating a magic making us bound.

Pleased by the cool wind that blew,

Amazed by the pearl like ground’s dew.

People of different ages out there,

Having lots of experience and happiness to share.

They were doing jogging, exercises and meditation,

To keep them fit, healthy and away from tension.

Then wonderful scene of redness all over the sky,

Oh its the Sun rising up high.

What a scenic beauty was there of morning.

What a beginning of day I had?

Waking up early was not so bad.

From now early to bed and early to rise,

Truly our nature is our best paradise.

                               by KAMLESH ORAON


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