urlA month has passed away,

since she has talked to me.

Still finding out the reasons,

for the misunderstanding between us.

Tried so many times to call her,

can’t bear the pain in heart,

Cos my heart is as smooth as fur.

Tried messages and calls on her phone,

Is she happy in this way all alone?

She is not getting hurt by doing this,

Or her wounds of heart got heal,

She has become tough or she can’t feel,

the feelings and love given by me.

Maybe she’s thinking I have changed,

Or with someone else I have engaged.

I feel so miserable from inside,

No place for my deep emotions to hide.

She might be thinking for some space,

No matter what problems I would face.

Its your life, yours choice,

I have no rights raise my voice.

If this is your decision, you’re welcome,

Whenever you will need me ,

Close your eyes and remember me,

I will be there for you,

Because my love for you is true.

                             by KAMLESH ORAON


11 thoughts on “SAY IT

  1. Your poem has pain and reflect inner urges. Emotional upsurge revealed in the poem is really heart rending. Hope you meet your mate soon without any wastage of time. True love requires nothing to prove. Twosomes can get the inner cues and the bond of love is soldified still further. Love has true magnatism which is true under any situation.

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