Sitting in the class with open eyes,
With relentless truth and no blatant lies.
Pretending to understand every word,
Even though I find it quite absurd.
Naughty mind wandering outside,
Studies seem to be tougher than suicide.
Watching the birds sitting on a tree,
And dreaming “that’s where I want to be”
Listening to their melodious voice,
Because for me that is a better choice.
I am searching out some chances,
To escape from boring lectures and classes.
Dreaming about a world of fantasy and fairy,
As mentioned in my personal diary.
A world of happiness and joy,
Where there is no one to annoy.
Looking front, back, left and right,
In a search of some wonderful sight.
Struggling to pass time,
When noticed by the professor, acted like a mime.
Staring the girl sitting next,
Busy writing the book’s text.


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