Running down the streets carrying a bag,
Searching every dustbin and picking useful rag.
Wearing cloths filthy and torn,
Struggling in the earth where he is born.
Still laughing and playing with his friends,
Enjoying the world of changing trends.
Walking barefoot around the city street,
Feeling no pain in his soft feet.
Curious for playing with electronic toys,
On seeing playing with them young boys.
Imagining the taste of pastries and ice-creams,
Is he happy with his broken dreams?
Dreaming of living life with joy and comfort,
But everyone treats him like dirt.
Willing to go school for learning,
Wants to become rich through earning.
Filled with truth and innocence in his eyes,
But who cares in this world of hatred and lies.
A world where humans become wild,
Is there anyone to care about the unprivileged
            By KAMLESH ORAON



  1. threadbare clothes and shoeless feet…it’s terrible to witness poverty, and even worse to witness underprivileged children. x

  2. Excellent post on a difficult topic. I love the comments to. It is a complex issue. I was with the UN Peacekeeping forces in Haiti in the 80. We saw kids like this and felt compassion towards them so a couple of us bought a case of oranges and took it to a local orphanage. The kids didnt want it. The took it and ate it as if it was a chore and they were all hungry but the had never tasted so much sugar at once and they didn’t like it AT ALL. The woman running the place (a 15 year old homeless girl herself) explained the problem to us because we didn’t understand. She asked if next time we could bring rolled oats. So we went to the commissary and bought a 50 pound bag for about half what the oranges cost and the kids were so excited!

  3. Kamlesh, you are a sensitive young man with a generous heart…you have already found a way to help these young people, by bringing their plight to a new level of awareness for all of your readers on this blog…and reminding us to do what we can for one another.

    • Today while coming home in train I encountered a poor boy begging for money from the passengers.He begged from me but I was helpless because I didn’t had any change. When he held my feet I really felt embarrassed and guilt.

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