bfFrom many years hidden in my heart,

A love slow like bullock cart.

My first love with my classmate,

Always thought she is my true fate.

Sitting and watching her all the time,

Sometimes she gave weird look,

As if it was a crime.

Sometime we sat together in the class,

Wondered how quick time used to pass.

Sharing lunch during breaks,

Knowingly I brought her favorite cakes.

Friends teased me taking her name,

And I used to feel childish shame.

After school waiting for a while,

Looking at each other with a cute smile.

I didn’t knew it was love or not,

Though for her with one boy I fought.

Years passed, neither I nor she expressed,

I thought she was not impressed,

Neither was I good-looking nor genius.

Within, my heart was making fuss.

On last day of school when classes meant to end

She wrote in my hand BEST FRIEND.

Still I was happy and in mood to cheer,

I gifted her memories in form of teddy bear.

From that day I have never seen her,

But in my eyes she always mesmerize.

                  by KAMLESH ORAON





One day while passing through bus stand,

Going to the class with books in hand,

I saw a girl standing nearby,

When I went near her, I felt very shy.

Her beautiful face amazed me a lot,

Then I realized the meaning of girl to be hot.

With little courage I asked her name,

Unfortunately by the time the bus came,

when she looked at me I felt shame.

She then went on the bus and I became sad,

Her thought then started making me mad.

Her face was beautiful like moon,

which the god has given her as boon,

Her blue eyes and milky white cheek,

Made my strong heart very weak.

Her pink lips and long waving hairs,

Brought in my eyes happiness tears.

Her thought kept roaming in my mind,

Where that girl could I find?

Next day I again went to the bus stand,

Waiting for the girl to come,

But after sometime my heart became numb.

Hours passed away but she didn’t came,

God has played with me funny game.

Suddenly I got kick and started to scream,

“Hey lazy boy wake up” called my mother,

Thank god that was only a dream.




.What is true love?

The question always arises in my mind,

From where the answer I could find,

So I asked my fellows the same,

Mohan and Sanjit are their name.

I remember the words they said.

A true love  must be great,

Greater than the height of sky,

Bigger than a person imagination,

Through which he or she can fly.

Meaning of true love is not mentioned in any chart,

A true love always arises from core of our heart.

It means about compromises and sacrifice,

Sharing happiness and grief together,

And the relation should never melt like ice.

It never changes with time and trend,

Because a true love has no end.

It is seen from how much you have cared,

Smiles,tears and laugh you have shared.

It is all about the each other trust,

That exists between the two,

Never blaming each other, its me or its you.

Simply saying-“I Love You”

Never shows your love is true,

It needs to pass through various tests,

Where you have to come out,

And pass these with your best.

True love existence is very rare,

False love is found everywhere.

Loving someone more than your life,

Is the real symbol of a True Love.




I still remember those days,

We used to be engaged in our child plays,

Lots of laugh and little bit of fight,

Dreaming about each other,the whole night.

The way we used to sit together,

Spending our time in having laugh and fun,

Lying on the smooth ground grasses,

Watching over the sky and beautiful sun.

Your happiness giving me a great relief,

Which created within me about god belief,

Praying everyday about our great love,

so that it could always remain all above.

But now from my life you have gone,

All is left, I am all alone,

“I Will Never Leave You”-You said,

But broke the promise you made.

I still live my life till my last heartbeat,

I walk on the deemed light of,

The lonely path of the city street,

In search of finding signs of you,

Because love between us was really TRUE.