Dear rose,
You are known for your beauty and simplicity,
Known as sign of love and friendship,
You create a pleasant feeling in your presence,
We all love your wonderful fragrance.
You have invented the term beautiful,
not because it inside you,
But cos you are the true definition of it.
You are undefinable in the morning,
In presence of morning dew on your fresh petals,
and when sun rays falls on it,
The dew droplets shines like the pearl.
You looks extraordinary and amazing,
Catching everyone’s eye with your unique glazing.
You might be very proud by hearing all this,
But when you will hear about my lovely girl,
Your proud would be gone away.
Drop dead gorgeous her face with no scar,
So close and special in my heart yet so far.
But not so far as the sun,
She is that star next to the moon,
brightening up my every night,
bright…brighter than a candle light.
Combination of all star can’t beat,
the way she always shine,
She is the one who is always mine.
She has voice of morning tweeting birds,
Rays of sunshine bright in her eyes,
So close, no fuss, no lies.
Priceless and timeless is her love,
love whose taste beats the chocolate,
Its my duty for her every smile to decorate.
Taught me how to smile again and again,
with joy and with no memories of pain.
Brings joy like a lone stream in a desert,
One that always have fresh water.
She is really extraordinary like dew on a rose.
Don’t feel sad, Oh! dear rose,
You add beauty to the nature with your own pose.
I told you all this cos you reminds me,
of her evergreen beauty and simplicity.
I let her go which was so insane,
its like wishing for nothing but only pain.
God has made you both for a reason,
you and my love are my appreciation.
Oh! God, not forever cos that’s just near,
let me make it very clear,
I will always love her for eternity.

       Duet by KAMLESH ORAON & DREW and



Morning Fog

After a long time, I remember

I woke up early than rising sun,

What a soothing feeling in my soul,

And feeling in heart for making some fun.

Went outside in the calm environment,

Got pleased by the beautiful nature’s scent.

Chirping of birds all around,

Filling the nature with the lively music,

And creating a magic making us bound.

Pleased by the cool wind that blew,

Amazed by the pearl like ground’s dew.

People of different ages out there,

Having lots of experience and happiness to share.

They were doing jogging, exercises and meditation,

To keep them fit, healthy and away from tension.

Then wonderful scene of redness all over the sky,

Oh its the Sun rising up high.

What a scenic beauty was there of morning.

What a beginning of day I had?

Waking up early was not so bad.

From now early to bed and early to rise,

Truly our nature is our best paradise.

                               by KAMLESH ORAON



I am the sky

spreading my arms

Far above over high

Over rivers and farms

Sun is one eye

The others being the moon

One soothes the night

Another blazes the noon

Clouds are my eyelids

Rain, my tears

Thunder, my organ

That every child fears

Lightening on my face

Point to my smile

I am endless

from miles to miles

The earth is my love

She is far below

without any feeling

Of guilt or of apology

He wants to redden

The body of the dove

But its color is white

Of peace and love.