MURDER OF LOVE after watching movie Corpse Bride)

It’s a tale of an accursed girl,

caught in the worldly illusion whirl.

Happy with her life and pride,

always dreamed of becoming lucky bride.

Enjoyed her life being alone,

unless fell in love with a boy unknown.

Seemed they deeply love each other,

against the warning from her mother.

She knew her parents won’t accept this,

their marriage had no hope,

so decided with him to elope.

Planned on a new moon night,

when they will escape from visions,

in the absence of moonlight.

She stole some costly gems and jewel,

which they planned to sell.

She reached the garden surrounded by dark,

dead silence all around,

where she can even hear far away dog’s bark.

Waiting,waiting under a tree in pain,

situation became worst,

when started a heavy rain

Suddenly got a hit in head….

….from behind and lost in sleep,

When woke up she started to weep.

Gone all the gems and jewel,

then she realized about the betrayal.

Though she was alive but murdered,

from inside with love,faith and trust.

She ran towards home crying in burst.

Forgiven by parents for her worst mistake,

but she learned a lesson to recognize,

people with faces real or fake.

  Always beware before it’s too late,

Every time life doesn’t give second fate.

                              by KAMLESH ORAON




People always ask me from me,

Are you an atheist?

You don’t believe that god exist?

which religion do you believe?

As usual I answer them all,

Yes I have a religion,

Humanity is my religion,

Only you have to change your vision.

Because I never went to church,

never lighted a single candle,

rather I lighten up the dark houses with it.

Never went to any temple,

rather I always want to become humble,

with poor and needy ones,

wants to help old people,

like their own son.

Truth and humanity doesn’t need to find,

only you have to work for mankind.

True religion lies in working for humanity,

not chanting prayers in whole city.

Serving to god means serving poor,

and people who are in need,

Then the world of equality and peace,

would be established with our noble deed.

My prayer lies in spreading,

peace and kindness all around,

and eliminating all evil elements from society,

through which they all are bound,

                                                       This is my true belief,

which gives me from inside intense relief.

                                     by KAMLESH ORAON



Gone all the days of past year,

Now its time for more happiness and cheer,

More hopes and expectations from NEW YEAR.

Let’s pray for new beginning of the day,

With absence of grief,pain and fear.

I prayed to god about my expectations,

Which would be fulfilled this year.

 Though like others my dreams would be same,

but I hope of completing some of them.

I want to leave all the bad habits,

Erase all the bad things in me,

All the negative image in me that people see.

I want to become-

A caring brother for my sister,

A loving son for my mother,

A good person for my society,

A helpful friend for all my friends.

I am also expecting a special girl,

Who would enter in my lonely life,

and fill the emptiness within me.

Hope this New Year will bring,

More happiness and joy in my family.

May success will knock my door,

and our life will be peaceful like sea shore.

 Oh god! please help me in each step,

in fulfilling my every expectations.

with this I complete my prayer,

A prayer of hope for the NEW YEAR.


                -by KAMLESH ORAON